RavenDoc 2.5.1

raven-cli help listaddressesbyasset

listaddressesbyasset "asset_name" (onlytotal) (count) (start)
Returns a list of all address that own the given asset (with balances)
Or returns the total size of how many address own the given asset
1. "asset_name" (string, required) name of asset
2. "onlytotal" (boolean, optional, default=false) when false result is just a list of addresses with balances -- when true the result is just a single number representing the number of addresses
3. "count" (integer, optional, default=50000, MAX=50000) truncates results to include only the first _count_ assets found
4. "start" (integer, optional, default=0) results skip over the first _start_ assets found (if negative it skips back from the end)
[ (address): balance,
> raven-cli listaddressesbyasset "ASSET_NAME" false 2 0
> raven-cli listaddressesbyasset "ASSET_NAME" true
> raven-cli listaddressesbyasset "ASSET_NAME"

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