RavenDoc 2.5.1

raven-cli help issueunique

issueunique "root_name" [asset_tags] ( [ipfs_hashes] ) "( to_address )" "( change_address )"
Issue unique asset(s).
root_name must be an asset you own.
An asset will be created for each element of asset_tags.
If provided ipfs_hashes must be the same length as asset_tags.
Five (5) RVN will be burned for each asset created.
1. "root_name" (string, required) name of the asset the unique asset(s) are being issued under
2. "asset_tags" (array, required) the unique tag for each asset which is to be issued
3. "ipfs_hashes" (array, optional) ipfs hashes corresponding to each supplied tag (should be same size as "asset_tags") (only sha2-256 hashes currently supported -- Qm...)
4. "to_address" (string, optional, default=""), address assets will be sent to, if it is empty, address will be generated for you
5. "change_address" (string, optional, default=""), address the the rvn change will be sent to, if it is empty, change address will be generated for you
"txid" (string) The transaction id
> raven-cli issueunique "MY_ASSET" '["primo","secundo"]'
> raven-cli issueunique "MY_ASSET" '["primo","secundo"]' '["first_hash","second_hash"]'

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